A State Of Mind

Jane Lane

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Paperback | 226 pp
205 x 135 mm
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An edgy, biting fable of Orwellian tradition, A State of Mind leaps into the future with a story full of ingenuity and horrifying realism. Clare Bentley lives in a world where order and the cult of the efficient have reached a terrifying extreme, where criminals are eliminated, euthanasia is law and suicide is regulated by an outrageous regime. The Brotherhood rules with the brute force of an iron fist; life is State-controlled. But Clare Bentley is surprisingly successful – she enjoys fortune as a prosperous woman with a lover and a future. Until, that is, tragedy strikes and her dreams turn to nightmares. Choosing to opt out of life, she fills in the necessary forms for suicide and is sent to a Home of Rest, but there she meets Peter, a renegade Catholic Priest who defies the age he lives in. Peter seems to defy death too. And what’s more, he’s determined to reshape her life and perhaps the Brotherhood with it.

Author biography:

Jane Lane Elaine K. Dakers was born in 1905 and her first novel was published when she was just seventeen. She adopted the pen-name of Jane Lane to reflect the historical nature of her books, Lane being the maiden name of her grandmother, a descendant of the Herefordshire branch of Lanes who sheltered King Charles II after his defeat at the Battle of Worcester.

A versatile and dynamic author, Jane Lane wrote over forty works of fiction, biography, history, and children’s books.

She is perhaps best known for her books about the Stuart period and 18th century Scotland, written from a Catholic and Royalist perspective. ‘A State of Mind’ is unique among her books, being set in a dystopian future.

She died in 1978.

‘Miss Lane towers head and shoulders above the rest’ – The New Statesman

‘A writer who offers…faithfulness to historical fact and style’ – The Sunday Times

‘One of the few contemporary writers who excel both as novelists and historians’ – The Tablet

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