Sophy Of Kravonia

Anthony Hope

978 0 7551 1694 2
Paperback | 306 pp
205 x 135 mm
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A young, beautiful maidservant, Sophy Grouch, born into an unassuming family, spreads her wings and embarks on a life-changing journey, first to Paris and then to a Balkan principality. This poignant tale, set in the nineteenth century, is enriched with history and romance and tells of the love, courage and vivacity that stirred ordinary Sophy from her roots and transformed her into Sophy of Kravonia.

Author biography:

Anthony Hope (in full Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins) was born in London and educated at Marlborough and at Balliol College, Oxford. He became a lawyer, and dabbled in Liberal politics, but the immediate success of The Prisoner of Zenda, his fourth work, turned him entirely to writing. This work and its sequel, Rupert of Hentzau, both describe the perilous adventures of the Englishman Rudolph Rassendyll in the mythical kingdom of Ruritania. Anthony Hope successfully published many other novels and plays. He was knighted in 1918 and died in 1933.

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