The Years Of The Hungry Tiger

John Gordon Davis

978 0 7551 5404 3
Paperback | 662 pp
205 x 135 mm
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Set in the years of Mao and prior to the handover, ‘The Years of the Hungry Tiger’ is the story of McAdam, a Hong Kong policeman who is unhappily married. Then he meets Ying-ling, who is a schoolmistress, and he falls headlong for her. This, however, makes him a security risk as she teaches at a communist school, and to make matters worse her father lives on the mainland and so McAdam becomes immediately vulnerable to Chinese pressure. Ying-ling herself is a ‘starry-eyed’ Marxist with resulting conflicting loyalties. In a novel which contains more than a smattering of realism, the author thrills with a tale of political intrigue, espionage, riots, sex, and the underworld of the island, along with it surviving typhoons, economic crises, and everything a hostile regime can throw at it.


A pounding, swirling, mountain torrent of a novel.

Sunday Express

...a magnificent blend of romance and intrigue, a novel that manages to be deeply affecting without sacrificing its toughness.

Baton Rouge Advocate

Author biography:

John Gordon Davis was born in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and educated in South Africa. He earned a BA in Political Science, paying his way through university by working as a deckhand on British merchant ships and on the Dutch whaling fleet at the Antarctic. He went on to take an LL.B. degree whilst serving as a judge´s clerk in Rhodesia.

Called to the Bar, he was appointed an assistant public prosecutor in the Magistrate´s Courts during the troubled years leading up to Rhodesia´s Unilateral Declaration of Independence, before becoming Crown Counsel in the Attorney General´s Chambers. He was later appointed to the same position in Hong Kong.

He quit this post to become a full-time writer when his first book, “Hold My Hand I´m Dying” became an instant best-seller. Other bestselling novels followed.

A veteran seaman; he and his Australian born wife, Rosemary, sailed round most of the world in a succession of yachts. Upon retirement, they travelled widely and from their home in a lovely old Spanish farmhouse in Andalucia, Spain, he also ran highly successful writing courses for both aspiring and published authors.

John Gordon Davis sadly died in 2014 leaving behind a rich literary heritage, including several unpublished novels he had worked on even as he supposedly slowed the pace.

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ISBNs: 9780755154043 978-0-7551-5404-3 Title: the years of the hungry tiger