First Blood

Frank Welsh

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205 x 135 mm
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There are thirteen chilling tales of the supernatural in this work; all set in the north country where for many centuries lawless fugitives hid, Celts and Druids were abroad, and Vikings raided and settled. There is a human sacrifice swinging from a tree, whilst a ghost from someone left hanging now haunts, and spirits emanating from a cathedral tomb go about their business with evil intent. And then there is the unexplained and bloody deaths that occur on Lindisfarne, whilst echoes of ‘old unhappy far-off things’ come through to mystify those living in the present. Frank Welsh has shown himself to be a master of the genre with this volume – a far cry from the scholarly works for which he is better known – and the reader will find sufficient in the stories to convince them they have experienced true horror at first hand.

Author biography:

Frank Welsh was born in 1931 in Washington, County Durham and subsequently educated at Magdalene College, Cambridge. A varied career in international business and banking followed, including service on the Boards of nationalised industries and as a member of the Royal Commission on the National Health Service. He has written extensively on imperial British history, notably Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa, and international business and banking. In common with many of his peers in the north-east of England, he grew up with and has sustained a view that real civilisation was only to be found in that corner of the world, although admits to Cambridge and London possessing the occasional advantage.

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