The Jennings Report


Anthony Buckeridge

978 0 7551 0174 0
Paperback | 148 pp
205 x 135 mm
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‘I’ve seen some bat-witted wheezes in my time but this one takes the certificate of merit’ When Jennings and Darbishire discover a hibernating hedgehog they are instantly intrigued. Then, when Venables tells him that foxes eat hedgehogs, Jennings decides to rescue it. But things rarely go to plan for poor Jennings, and after a series of mishaps involving Miss Thorpe’s puppy and a bottle of Ants and Anti-Escaping Fluid, Jennings is left wondering whether Old Sleepy will make it through the winter. ‘Clueless clodpoll!’

Author biography:

Anthony Buckeridge Born in 1912, Anthony Buckeridge was sent to boarding school in Sussex at the age of eight. He went on to university before working as a tutor in a preparatory school, and later became a fireman during the Second World War.

Buckeridge was the first writer to use prep schools as a setting for his stories and, as such, is the creator of the infamous Jennings. The ‘Jennings’ titles have sold over six million books worldwide.

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