Jennings' Diary


Anthony Buckeridge

978 0 7551 0163 4
Paperback | 192 pp
205 x 135 mm
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Hah-ooh cinosrepus! ‘Selbanev, Nosnikta, Senoj-Nitram,’ said Jennings. ‘They’re the names of people, I bet you can’t guess who!?’ ‘Russian agents, Zulu tribesmen, Ancient kings of Egypt’ hazarded Darbishire. ‘No, no, no,’ Jennings flipped his fingers in delight and danced ungainly ballet steps round the tuck-boxes. ‘Oh, wacko! If you can’t guess, neither will anybody else, so we can use it for the code.’ Jennings is suffering from beginning-of-term-itis, but things soon return to the normal state of mayhem and confusion when his new diary is made public property! Alarmed at the thought of his most private thoughts being made public, Jennings decides to invent a secret language. Will anyone be able to decode Selbanev si a llopdolc? Drazo Hsivips! Inspired by a visit to the Natural History Museum, Jennings and Darbishire establish their own collection of ancient relics, but they are not out of trouble for long and when the precious diary goes missing, Jennings finds himself on the wrong side of the law! Relggowsnroh emoseurg!

Author biography:

Anthony Buckeridge Born in 1912, Anthony Buckeridge was sent to boarding school in Sussex at the age of eight. He went on to university before working as a tutor in a preparatory school, and later became a fireman during the Second World War.

Buckeridge was the first writer to use prep schools as a setting for his stories and, as such, is the creator of the infamous Jennings. The ‘Jennings’ titles have sold over six million books worldwide.

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